Let’s get deep for a moment…

Death… what is death? Obviously there’s the scientific and physical aspect that talks about the criteria for categorizing something as deceased but what is it really.

I’ve seen many living creatures go through the process of dying. They always seem to know what’s happening. There is sometimes a sense of anxiety… of fear… especially when it’s traumatic or unexpected. When it’s slow or expected it almost seems peaceful and welcomed.  
Every creature has a will to live, even plants, and that will becomes so strong near the end. I will never forget this canine patient I had one night. He came in for trauma. It was bad but it wasn’t anything that was going to kill him immediately. Sadly though the family couldn’t afford to treat so euthanasia was our only option. I gave the calculated dose and gave drugs… he started to become unconscious but his brain wouldn’t die (that’s how the drug works). He kept fighting. It took three doses before he peacefully passed away. All of us who work in the industry have stories like this. You can chalk it up to maybe poor profusion, adrenaline, etc. I chalk it up to a will to live.  
So death sucks… no one wants to die. Even suicidal people don’t want to die… they just want the pain to end.  
The bigger question for me is what happens after death. We are going to die so let’s look beyond that. The scientist in me says we simply cease to exist… our bodies return to the earth and the energy is recycled. This sparks the spiritual person with in me though. Where does our energy go. Energy can neither be created or destroyed… only transformed. Scientists have proved this over and over in lab experiments. 
So if energy can only be transformed does that mean we are reincarnated? Do we float along in the ether of the universe? Do we go to an afterlife? Do we just believe in an afterlife to bring ourselves comfort? I want to believe that there is some sort of heaven where our ancestors wait for us to join them but in my heart I feel like that’s stretching things. Personally I want to be a theater or Disneyland ghost.  
Sadly none of us will know until it’s too late. Make the most of your short time on earth. You can be gone from the land of the living in a split second. Love unconditionally, live with a purpose, strive everyday to better yourself… do what brings you joy and fulfillment. Basically don’t be an asshole. 

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