Who is this “girl on the run”

Well… here we go. I’ve been urged by enough people in my life to start a blog so I finally am. Join me as I jump down this rabbit hole.

I guess I should tell a bit about myself…
“Girl on the Run” is a nickname I was given in college because I have severe wanderlust and couldn’t stop exploring or even sit still. I feel at home anywhere in the world and given the slightest chance I will run away. It’s a blessing and curse to have a strong gypsy soul.

I’m a 30 something woman who has lived a full and interesting life. I’ve always done things my way… which wasn’t always the easy way. The past 2 years have been absoloutly life changing. I have overcome an abusive relationship, a life altering and painful chronic illness, and severe depression.

Everyday is an adventure as I trudge through and try to live. I’m facing many changes and struggles and writing has become my therapy. I hope that someone can gain inspiration from my story.

I love music, Disneyland, exploring, theater, photography, and writing and have thrown myself into these things to deal with my lifestyle change due to my chronic illness. I’ve learned to find joy in things that do not require physical strength. I’m learning how to live this new life.
I have found a purpose again by trying my hand at stand up comedy.  I’m still a rookie but it’s a fun hobby that exercises my brain and keeps me social and growing.  I’m blessed with supportive friends who keep me motivated and moving.  I’m blessed.  
This blog will hold my thoughts, random adventures, stories, pictures, etc.  please enjoy. Sometimes it will be funny… sometimes it will be dark.  That’s life. 

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