Failure happens…

I was told the other day “don’t be afraid to aim high but fall short… be afraid to aim too low and never grow.” This has gotten me thinking and reflecting. I’ve been observing the world around me… watching people. I’ve noticed most people live in their “comfort zone”… they aim no higher than they know they can go easily.   

We all like our comfort zone… our bubble… our safety net. Do we grow though if we stay there? I look back on my life and the times I’ve grown were when I had to get out of that zone, aim higher, and risk failure. Yes… I’ve fallen short sometimes but during the process I grew. Failure is part of life. Your not gonna nail everything… unless you aim to low. 

What’s important is what happens when we fail. For instance… how do you act when you fail? Do you pout? Do you blame? Do you refuse to even try again? Those are behaviors that will prevent growth.  
It’s important to remember as you go through life that failure is not the end of the world. Simply regroup, refocus, analyze, take responsibility and move on.
 So I encourage everyone to take moment to see where you are aiming. What are your goals? Are you just staying comfortable and getting through life? Take calculated risks, aim high, make plans, grow… and don’t be afraid to fail.  

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